Monday, November 15

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving @ your library:

Check out the Online Catalog, Rosie's Web, for holiday books.
Would you like to find a book with new holiday recipes to try? Read a story or get a true picture of that first Thanksgiving? Find something to keep little hands busy for the holidays?

And on the web:

Would you like to read about those souls that braved the new world, try, or just find out what they ate, try The 1621 Thanksgiving.

Whether you are traditional or avant-garde when it comes to holiday meals, there is something here for everyone!
Thanksgiving Recipes at

Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes and Holiday Cooking Tips at

Thanksgiving Recipes from America’s Past

Also try,,,,,, and

And, if you still can't find the perfect turkey or pumpkin pie recipe, try Over 500,000 turkey recipes are found when you type in
turkey +recipe and 52,800 when you type in "pumpkin pie" +recipe!

Are you counting calories this holiday? Let Good Housekeeping help with that chore, Thanksgiving Food Calorie Calculator.

Are you looking for crafts, games, and kid-friendly recipes for the little ones during the holiday?
Thanksgiving Recipes, Crafts, and Games from

Happy Thanksgiving from CMRLS!