Friday, June 29

A "Daughter's" Life of Love, Pain, Forgiveness and Healing! Talk About It At the Pearl Public Library!

It's another good read at the Pearl Public Library! Amy's next Chapter 1 Book Club meeting, which is on Tues. July 10 at 6 p.m., is sure to spark emotional conversation!

Her Daughter’s Dream by Francine Rivers spans from the 1950s to present day. It’s about destructive familial sorrows, and the forgiveness that heals even the worst of pains.
In a situation that would make life tough for anyone, little Carolyn Arundel sure didn’t have life easy.  For a time her mother Hildemara (Hildie) was quarantined to her bedroom with tuberculosis during which time Carolyn’s grandmother Marta was there to help. Carolyn forms a special bond with her grandmother that she thinks caused tensions between Hildie and Marta.
Well, Hildie gets better and goes back to work which allowed Marta to return to her home. This was during the Cold War when fear was rampant throughout the world, and it was a time when Carolyn and her brother, as latchkey kids, fended for themselves.
Time goes on and Carolyn sees college as an opportunity to find herself. When a family tragedy threatens her independence, she doesn’t go home but rather cuts all ties and escapes into the nonconforming culture of San Francisco. Two years later she returns home to rebuild a life for her and her daughter May Flower Dawn.
As often is the case, history repeats itself, and May Flower Dawn forms a special relationship with her grandmother Hildie. Another kink between generations ensues. But, May Flower Dawn wants to do everything possible to avoid the same mistakes of the past. Her aim is to be a stepping stone in her family to build relationships and not a stumbling  block that separates.
Her Daughter’s Dream is the conclusion to the New York Times best seller Her Mother’s Hope. Author Francine Rivers, in this final chapter about mothers’ sacrifices for their daughters, illustrates the amazing essence of unconditional love.
WOW! You can’t miss this!  No reservation or membership is needed. Just stop on by and join in the discussion.

Remember, the Chapter 1 Book Club is a free adult program that meets every second Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. 
We’ll see you there!

Thursday, June 28

Brandon’s Summer Library Program Ends with a Bang!

As our Summer Library Program comes to a close, we at the Brandon Library are going all out for our finale—you guessed it, it’s our annual summer carnival!

Patrons of all ages are invited to join us on Thursday, July 12 from 6pm-7pm as we play games, get our faces painted, eat popcorn and ice pops, and make ourselves dizzy in the bouncy houses! We’ll also have a special visit from the Brandon Fire Department to show us their rides!

(Pro tip: Don’t jump in the bouncy house directly after eating unless you’re feeling brave.)

Then, on Saturday, July 14 from 12pm-1:30pm, come play our last game of Summer Bingo! We had a blast last time, and there are even MORE amazing prizes to choose from if you win! And don’t forget, our blackout winner will receive a $25 gift card to our local Cinemark Theater!

Monday, June 18

Crafting Is Like A Cool Breeze Across The Face At the Pearl Public Library!

And, you know why? 

It's because the Pearl Library's own craft enthusiast Becky is always thinking about the next exciting creation for her Come Craft With Us! program!

A decorative, Japanese Fan that's good for keeping yourself cool during the hot, Mississippi summer or displaying as decorative art is what she has cooked up for the Tues., July 3 Come Craft With Us! at 5:30 p.m.

WOW! Such a simple creation to be so beautiful.  It's easy too! 

"It's a  homemade fan made of sticks, glue, and paper," Becky said. "It's great fun to make and use for the summer time."

There you have it! You simply must not miss it!

Come Craft With US! formerly Simply Crafts is a FREE adult crafting and crochet group that meets at the Pearl Public Library every Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. Come and bring a current crochet project or learn a new craft and work among friends!

No reservation is needed and materials are provided for the craft.

SO! Leave your cares behind and come get lost in Japanese Fan making with Becky! 

We'll see you there!

Tuesday, June 5

Black Light Painting A Big Hit At The Pearl Public Library With More Fun On The Way!

The 2018 Summer Library Program at the Pearl Library is underway and glowing with excitement!
Pearl Library Youth Services Supervisor, Kristen Hillman, couldn't be more pleased with last night's response to the Black Light Painting teen program, the first program of the 2018 Summer Library Program - Libraries Rock!  "The teens had such a wonderful time and said it was the most fun library program they had done in a long time,"she said. "They just had a great time!"

How could they not! Black lights, glow sticks, and neon glow paint! OH MY! The teens did finger painting and made head bands and bracelets with glow-in-the-dark pipe cleaners! 

As big of a hit that the Black Light Painting program was, there's even more great stuff on tap Kristen said!  "The teens are so excited about all of our programs coming up in these six weeks of summer programming especially our very last program." 

That would be the Library Mini Golf program on Monday, July 9 at 5:30 p.m. "We are gong to transform the teens/young adult and the children's sections into an 18-hole mini golf course," she said.

Other teen programs, which are all on Monday night at 5:30  p.m., include African Instrument Making on June 11,"I Pick You" Guitar Pick Bracelet making on June 18, Rock 'N' Roll Trivia Madness on June 25, and Pre-4th of July Cookout and Games on July 2.

The excitement doesn't stop with the teen programming! 

The children's programs have kids jumping up and down in anticipation! All the programs are on Tuesday at 6 p.m. The Pearl Puppets are June 5, the Snakeman is June 12, Animal Tales on June 19, Dorian the Magician is June 26 and Inky the Clown is July 10. "These programs are such an exciting time for kids and families!, " Kristen said.  "They are so excited about Animal Tales coming and about seeing the wolf dog pup!"  

HUH?!  A real live wolf dog pup?! Yep, a real one. And, they are bringing Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches too! And, more! They'll be teaching the kids about the different sounds each animal makes! That's because this year's Summer Library Program theme is Libraries Rock!

The 2018 Summer Library Program is not complete without reading! The kids are tracking their reading with color-coded stickers.  For every 20 minutes a day they read, they apply a sticker. When they fill it up they can bring the log in and get a prize! Can't beat that with a stick!
Dancin' Dan the Banjo Man
Hey, there's more! Don't forget about adult programming on tap for the 2018 Summer Library Program (all on Thursdays) with Dancin' Dan the Banjo Man coming up June 7 at 3 p.m. There's Musical Movie Night at 5:30 p.m. on June 14, Story Time for Grown Ups at 6 p.m. on June 21 and Karaoke Night on June 28 at 6 p.m.

There's so much you do not want to miss!

We'll see you there!