Wednesday, December 1

Holiday Books and Videos for Children!

Are you looking for a great children's book or video for your child? Or a grandchild visiting for the holidays? Try one of these, or ask your librarian for help finding just the right item.

Just click the title you are interested in and you will be taken directly to the online catalog where you may request the item be held for you! Make sure you have your library card and PIN (Personal Identification Number) you gave when you registered for your library card.

Santa's Short Suit Shrunk and Other Christmas Tongue Twisters, by Nola Buck
The Stars Came out at Christmas, by William Boniface
Christmas Tails (Disney 102 Dalmations), by Frank Berrios
The Star of Christmas, by Cindy Kenney
The Best Christmas, by Jane Mason and Sarah Hines Stephens
The Newborn King: The Story of the First Christmas, by Allia Zobel-Nolan
One Enchanted Christmas, by Colleen Charleston

K is for Kwanzaa: A Kwanzaa Alphabet, by Juwanda G. Ford
It's Kwanzaa Time, by Linda & Clay Goss
Seven Candles for Kwanzaa, by Andrea Davis Pinkney
Celebrating Kwanzaa, by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith
Kwanzaa, by Dorothy Rhodes Freeman & Dianne M. MacMillan
Kwanzaa, by Deborah M. Newton Chocolate

My First Hanukkah Board Book, edited by Claire Lister
Pearl's Eight Days of Chanukah, by Jane Breskin Zalben
A Hanukkah Treasury, by Eric Kimmel
Eight Days of Hanukkah: A Holiday Step Book, by Harriet Ziefert
Celebrating Hanukkah, by Shelly Nielsen
Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, by Jenny Koralek

The Legend of the Candy Cane
Merry Christmas Little Bill
Barney's Christmas Star
Caillou's Holidays
The Night Before Christmas
Dora the Explorer Christmas!
The Star of Christmas
Bob's White Christmas
Very Merry Pooh Year
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Franklin's Magic Christmas
The Year without a Santa Claus
Jingle Bells
Yule Be Wiggling!
Wiggly Wiggly Christmas


Monday, November 15

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving @ your library:

Check out the Online Catalog, Rosie's Web, for holiday books.
Would you like to find a book with new holiday recipes to try? Read a story or get a true picture of that first Thanksgiving? Find something to keep little hands busy for the holidays?

And on the web:

Would you like to read about those souls that braved the new world, try, or just find out what they ate, try The 1621 Thanksgiving.

Whether you are traditional or avant-garde when it comes to holiday meals, there is something here for everyone!
Thanksgiving Recipes at

Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes and Holiday Cooking Tips at

Thanksgiving Recipes from America’s Past

Also try,,,,,, and

And, if you still can't find the perfect turkey or pumpkin pie recipe, try Over 500,000 turkey recipes are found when you type in
turkey +recipe and 52,800 when you type in "pumpkin pie" +recipe!

Are you counting calories this holiday? Let Good Housekeeping help with that chore, Thanksgiving Food Calorie Calculator.

Are you looking for crafts, games, and kid-friendly recipes for the little ones during the holiday?
Thanksgiving Recipes, Crafts, and Games from

Happy Thanksgiving from CMRLS!

Tuesday, October 26

Veterans Day

Information links:

Tuesday, September 21

From the New York Times Best Seller List @ your library

Just click the title you are interested in reading and you will be taken directly to the online catalog where you may request the book be held for you! Make sure you have your library card and PIN (Personal Identification Number) you gave when you registered for your library card.
TRACE, by Patricia Cornwell. The inept man who replaced Dr. Kay Scarpetta as chief medical examiner of Virginia asks for her help in investigating the unexplained death of a 14-year-old girl.
THE DA VINCI CODE, by Dan Brown. The murder of a curator at the Louvre leads to a trail of clues found in the work of Leonardo and to the discovery of a centuries-old secret society.
THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN, by Mitch Albom. An old man who died while trying to rescue a little girl from danger discovers that all will be explained to him in the afterlife.
MURDER LIST, by Julie Garwood. An heiress becomes entangled in a deadly plot that may have been hatched by a self-help guru.
ANGELS & DEMONS, by Dan Brown. A Harvard scholar tries to save the Vatican from the machinations of an underground society.
THE RULE OF FOUR, by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason. Two Princeton students who are trying to unravel the mysteries of a Renaissance text become ensnared in murderous intrigue.
SKINNY DIP, by Carl Hiaasen. A woman enlists an ex-cop in a plot to take revenge on her husband, a marine biologist who tried to kill her.
WHITE HOT, by Sandra Brown. Returning home after her brother's mysterious death, a woman is embroiled in family intrigue.
TANEQUIL: HIGH DRUID OF SHANNARA, by Terry Brooks. The second volume in a fantasy series.
SAM'S LETTERS TO JENNIFER, by James Patterson. In the house where she grew up, a woman finds a collection of letters addressed to her that will change her life forever.
DARK JUSTICE, by Jack Higgins. Working with his British counterpart, an American intelligence agent must uncover the source of an international terror ring.
THE SECRET ON ARARAT, by Tim LaHaye and Bob Phillips. In Book 2 of the "Babylon Rising" series, the biblical scholar Michael Murphy searches for Noah's ark.
THE WINDS OF CHANGE, by Martha Grimes. Richard Jury and Melrose Plant investigate the deaths of two little girls.

Thursday, September 9

MAGNOLIA Databases

MAGNOLIA - Mississippi Alliance for Gaining New Opportunities through Library Information Access - is Mississippi's statewide consortium, which is funded by the Mississippi Legislature. MAGNOLIA provides online databases for publicly funded K-12 schools, public libraries, community college libraries, and university libraries in Mississippi.

Everyone in Mississippi through their local library or school has access to the MAGNOLIA databases which include: EBSCOhost, used to find journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, many available in full-text; Wilson Biographies, which contains the full text of the biographies from more than 100 print volumes of biographical reference books published by H.W. Wilson and other quality reference publishers; and several of the Gale Products which can be used to find criticism and biography on notable authors and poets, and business information. SIRS for Discoverer and Researcher is also available for help with papers and current event study.

To access MAGNOLIA from home, click here. If you have not obtained your libraries access code, you may use magn1027 as the user name. This allows you to view a list of databases available to you. Click the database you want to search and start your research!

Thursday, September 2

September is:

National Chicken Month-to focus consumer attention on chicken as the most nutritious, convenient, economical and versatile food available; America's favorite!
Chicken Recipes at your library, National Chicken Council, Recipes from Tyson Foods, All Recipes: Chicken.

National Honey Month-to honor the U.S.'s 200,000+ beekeepers and 2.63 million coloies of honeybees, which produce more that 220 million pounds of honey each year!
About honey at your library, The Honey Expert, National Honey Board, Sue Bee: America's Honey.

National Piano Month-recognizes America's most popular instrument and its more than 20 million players; also encourages piano study by people of all ages.
Learning the Piano at your library, PianoNet-Official website of the National Piano Foundation,
Pianopedia-for piano teachers, students and performers; search a large database of classical piano works using flexible combinations of criteria (composer, composer nationality, title, duration, date composed).

National Rice Month-to salute the U.S. rice industry and focus on the importance of rice in the American diet, and Rice recipes at your library.

National Sewing Month-Celebrates the art, craft and hobby of sewing.
Sewing at your library, Home Sewing Association,, Sewing at All Crafts, Sewing at, Sew Whats New.

Pain Awareness Month-Dedicated to creating awareness about pain and its devastating impact on a patient's quality of life.
Pain information at your library,

Partners Against Pain is an alliance of patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers working together to alleviate unnecessary suffering by leading efforts to advance standards of pain care through education and advocacy.
Pain at Medline Plus, a service of the U. S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, is a great site for information about diagnosis, management, and treatment of pain.

AND, last but not least...
National Library Card Sign-Up Month-Your library card is your ticket to a world of opportunity! Contact your local library to obtain your FREE library card!

Monday, August 30

2004 Presidential Election

Are you still hoping to make an informed decision before casting your vote on Nov. 2? Check out these websites for help:
Project Vote Smart: All Candidates - includes a short biography, email, web address, affiliations, and more, for all candidates.
Presidential Election Information Source and Directory "...the premiere Presidential Election information portal, source, and directory that provides Government, State, local, and Presidential Election information."
The 2004 U. S. Presidential Election: A view from the web. -an analysis of candidates websites.
Librarians Index to the Web: 2004 Presidential Elections -find anything dealing with the election, jokes and even an explanation of the electoral college!
2004 Presidential Election News - from, the internet's largest news site.
Federal Election Commission - This site is designed as a tool for anyone who wishes to learn more about financing campaigns for federal office, the rules and regulations pertaining to this process, or elections and voting in general.

Wednesday, August 25

Computer Classes @ your library

Are you looking for a free adult computer class for email basics? Word processing know-how? Spreadsheets? Or just to find out why there is a mouse attached to the computer?

Many CMRLS libraries have free computer classes scheduled for adults. You won't need to sit beside a ten year old who already knows everything! Check the class schedules using the online calendar!

You can aid your search by clicking on the "Search Calendar Events" in the upper left corner of the calendar window. Choose "Option 3: by keyword:". Type the word computer in the text box and click the "Search" button! You will see only the computer classes offered at your libraries! For more information click one of the entries on the calendar. Contact the library to find out if there is space available for that class or find future dates for the class.

*NOTE: The "Search Calendar Events" feature will also allow you to view a particular library calendar. Just choose "Option 2: by branch:", then click the library you are interested in! For information on programs by category (adult, pre-school, family, etc.) choose "Option 1: by category:" and click the appropriate category!

Tuesday, August 24

Mississippi Authors Information

Links to websites about Mississippi's rich literary heritage -- from Mississippi Library Association/Mississippi Author Links

Mississippi's African American Authors-

"The only document of its kind on the Internet, this comprehensive listing of Mississippi's African-American authors is intended to assist researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and primary and secondary students in their discovery and exploration of the state's African-American writers. Funded by the Mississippi State University Office of Research, this project is ongoing, and the list is continually updated. It is hoped that established and emerging authors will continually be identified and added to this list by its compilers and by the literary community, whose input is always welcome." - quoted from the homepage

Mississippi Writers-

"Many twentieth-century writers were born in Mississippi or have spent an important part of their lives in the state. Some of the writers are world famous, while others are up-and-coming authors with a first novel that is getting much attention. Others are poets, short story writers, dramatists, essayists, or writers of historical novels or memoirs. Many have had movies made based on their work. All have contributed to the literary and cultural heritage of Mississippi. This web site provides up-to-date information about these writers as researched by the students of Starkville High School in Starkville, Mississippi." - quoted from the Mississippi Writers webpage

The Mississippi Writers Page-

"The Mississippi Writers Page brings together in one place a wide assortment of information about Mississippi's plethora of literary artists... At the heart of The Mississippi Writers Page are the Writer Listings, individual articles on Mississippi writers which include biographical and critical commentaries on the writers, a comprehensive list of their publications, media adaptations, a selective bibliography of critical resources, and an assortment of resources available on the Internet. ." - quoted from the homepage

Wednesday, August 18

Interesting Websites

-- Harry Potter News Aggregator, a must-see site for Harry Potter fans.

-- September 11, 2001 Report. For free, the 9-11 Commission has released its final report, available in PDF format.

-- Small Steps . . . to a healthier lifestyle.

--Poynter Online, Hurricane Resources

--National Association of Senior Friends, Connections to better health! ttp://

--National Cryptologic Museum, National Security Agency

--The Weather in a Minute!

Patron's Choice Award Winner to visit Flowood Library

Carolyn Haines, author of the Mississippi Delta mysteries, the "Bone Series" as well as works of nonfiction, will be the featured speaker at the G. Chastaine Flynt Memorial Library in Flowood on Monday, August 23, 7:00 p.m. The newest addition to the "Bone Series" is Hallowed Bones, the fifth book in her Delta mystery series.

Ms. Haines was recently recognized as a CMRLS Patron's Choice Winner. Patrons were asked in March to nominate favorite books published in 2003-2004. The top ten books chosen were announced in April during National Library Week. Crossed Bones was one of those top ten!

You'll want to come hear her speak about writing, her process and inspiration, and her newest book, Hallowed Bones. Ms. Haines will be signing books, also.

Check Rosie's Web for other titles by this great Mississippi author!

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