Monday, December 23


Brrrr!....Baby, it's cold outside (I feel a song....) which makes snuggling up with a good book a stellar idea! In fact, it's a fantabulous idea for a reading program! Heeeeeyyyy! Whaddaya know! That's exactly what's happening at the Pearl Public Library starting Thurs. Jan. 2 and running through February 28.

Snuggle Up and Read is the name and reading to win prizes is the game. It's simple. You read five (5) books, turn in a reading log and get a small prize for your first reading log only. And, guess what?! You can turn in as many reading logs as you would like!  Jumpin' fireplace flames! That means you can read to your heart's content!

The person who reads the most books wins the GRAND PRIZE!!!!!

Just stop by the reference or circulation desk and pick up your reading logs.

So, SNUGGLE UP and get ready to READ!

Tuesday, December 17


OH, BOY! Coming soon to the Pearl Public Library.  It's a double dose of Simply Crafts, the all adult - that means you too MEN - craft event! Hey, what better way to relax and unwind! It's therapeutic I tell ya!

As you know, Simply Crafts is held on the second Tuesday of the month. That will not change. You'll just get more on the same day! 

Shirley Dennis, the library's branch manager, will introduce this additional, new craft time slot with RAGS TO RUGS! on Tues. Jan. 14. from 10:30 a.m to 12 -Noon. Unlike the night Simply Crafts, you must register for this craft session by contacting the reference department. The first five (5) people to register gets a free gift! Bring your own supplies (old t-shirts, needle, thread and scissors). 
Shirley will also offer this creative RAGS TO RUGS craft on Tues. Feb. 11 and Tues. Mar. 11. Who knew such creative rugs could be made from rags?!?!?

If you don't wish to or can't come to January's Simply Crafts, but you have some cloth to donate, we'll take it! If you would like to donate old t-shirts or denim, there will be a big, plastic bin in place right near the circulation department at the main entrance of the library starting Thurs. Jan. 2.

Oh, what's the denim for?

That brings us to take two of Simply Crafts. This is the regularly scheduled evening craft which starts a 6 p.m. Eleanor Jones, reference supervisor will feature the DENIM GIVING TREE. No registration is needed and materials are supplied.

You don't want to miss these creative crafty events! We'll see you there!


Have you ever noticed that little code inside your Coca-Cola bottle cap? Or maybe you have seen a similar code on the pull tab of a 12-pack of Coke? Did you know that these codes can be logged into a MyCokeRewards account to net different fun items such as magazines. Oh, yes. It's so true!

The Pearl Public Library just loooooooves magazines, and maintains an impressive inventory that includes reading favorites from American Spirit and Audubon to Oprah Magazine, Sports Illustrated and Psychology Today and many more for patrons to enjoy!  Now, that's just the adult magazine section. The Pearl Library also houses a host of entertaining children and teen magazines that are widely read.

Here's the great news! To pump up the existing magazine collection even more, Eleanor, the library's reference supervisor and Ally, the children's supervisor are both collecting these little Coke gems for additional fantastic, magazine subscriptions to benefit all age groups! 

So, if you aren't doing anything special with that bottle cap that is worth three (3) points or that pull tab that's worth ten (10) points, bring them on in to the library where Eleanor and Ally's points are adding up!


Monday, December 16


A great big Pearl Public Library THANK YOU to everyone who helped with the Dec. 7 rummage and book sale by donating and/or buying items. Even with all the Christmas events in town, Eleanor (bicycle whisperer) said a lot of folks still came by and rummaged and rummaged and rummaged some more! All proceeds went to the Friends of the Pearl Library! Anything that didn't sell was donated to Goodwill and Gateway Rescue Mission.
So, with hot chocolate aplenty and bargains galore,  all the library shoppers were were in want no more! 


   TO ALL! 

Monday, December 2

Simply reverent! Simply beautiful! Simply made! Simply Crafts at the Pearl Library!

    Can you believe it? How many times have you walked over pine needles in your yard? How many of those prickly things have you raked up time after time? Whoever would have thought that something so beautiful could come from something so simply ordinary?  
     Respectfully, all religions have their icons and symbols. For Christians, the Cross has got to be among the top revered and loved. 
     What a great holiday gift to yourself or a loved one.  All you need is the desire to have it and the motivation to make one with a little help from the Pearl Public Library!  This earthly cross is the featured craft for December's Simply Crafts Tues. Dec 10 at 6 p.m. Please come and join Eleanor as she demonstrates how to make this magnificent, beautiful symbol of all things good and all things love!
     No registration or materials required! Just bring yourself!


        It's a rummage holding area! That's what the Pearl Library's kitchen is serving as.  That's just for starters! As more offerings come in for that awesome rummage and book sale happening in just five days, Sat. Dec. 7, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m, at the Pearl Public Library, more library areas will surely become wonderfully stockpiled!
     You DO NOT WANT to miss this bargained-filled action just in time for the holidays! The event is sponsored by the Pearl Library and Friends of the Pearl Library. The library is accepting public donations! No commercial items such as refrigerators  and no adult clothes please. Baby clothes will be fine. So, if you have anything to do donate BRING IT ON IN! 
      Oh, how much fun this is going to be! We sure hope to see you at this great, big sale! All proceeds will go to benefit the Friends of the Pearl Library.
      By the way, the library's reference supervisor, Eleanor is still hard at it.  She's already grabbed a perfectly usable bike from a neighbor's curbside discards. I hear another neighbor found out about Eleanor's ambitious rummage collection campaign and has offered up... what is this!!! ANOTHER BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Pearl staffer is rockin' and rollin', y'all!!!!!!!!!!!