Tuesday, May 19

Forest Library is OPEN!

Forest Public Library opened Monday, May 18 at the temporary location; and the patrons were ready! Having spoken to the staff yesterday, everyone seemed excited! The temporary address is 415 East Third Street. The hours of operation, telephone and FAX numbers are the same.

Watch this blog and the CMRLS website for updates and pictures of the progress of the NEW Forest Library.

Friday, May 1

Flu Season?

Here is a collection of links for information concerning the Swine Flu, Pandemic Flu, and how you can stay healthy!

PandemicFlu.gov - Official Health and Human Services site: A One-stop Access to U.S. Government Swine, Avian, and Pandemic Flu Information
Center for Disease Control (CDC): H1N1 Flu
World Health Organization (WHO): Swine Flu
WHO: Swine Flu Information in Spanish
MedlinePlus-National Library of Medicine: Swine Flu
American Red Cross: Preparing for a Potential Flu Pandemic
Medicare and Flu Information (link found here for Spanish also)
What is the Government Doing Now to Prepare for a Pandemic Flu Outbreak?
CDC: Recommendation for When to Close Schools
Flu History: The Great Pandemic of 1918, from PandemicFlu.gov

Also, use these link to find blog entries* through Google from across the web regarding Pandemic Flu; and through Ask.com or Yahoo! regarding swine flu.

If more information is needed, ask your librarian for help.
Librarians, the original search engines!

*Blog entries may be by news agencies, health organizations, or individuals just offering insights. Although this may be almost real-time information shared about different areas of the U.S. or the world, further research through trustworthy resources may be warranted.