Friday, May 1

Flu Season?

Here is a collection of links for information concerning the Swine Flu, Pandemic Flu, and how you can stay healthy! - Official Health and Human Services site: A One-stop Access to U.S. Government Swine, Avian, and Pandemic Flu Information
Center for Disease Control (CDC): H1N1 Flu
World Health Organization (WHO): Swine Flu
WHO: Swine Flu Information in Spanish
MedlinePlus-National Library of Medicine: Swine Flu
American Red Cross: Preparing for a Potential Flu Pandemic
Medicare and Flu Information (link found here for Spanish also)
What is the Government Doing Now to Prepare for a Pandemic Flu Outbreak?
CDC: Recommendation for When to Close Schools
Flu History: The Great Pandemic of 1918, from

Also, use these link to find blog entries* through Google from across the web regarding Pandemic Flu; and through or Yahoo! regarding swine flu.

If more information is needed, ask your librarian for help.
Librarians, the original search engines!

*Blog entries may be by news agencies, health organizations, or individuals just offering insights. Although this may be almost real-time information shared about different areas of the U.S. or the world, further research through trustworthy resources may be warranted.

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