Tuesday, February 17

Look at Next Good Book!

Next Good Book is found on the CMRLS website and can be used with or without signing up for an account. You will find new book lists on the CMRLS Bookshelves for "Living on a Shoestring", "Resumes and Interviews", and "Looking for a Job or Career". These CMRLS Bookshelves contain lists of books found in your libraries. You can search for books by subject or check out the New York Times Bestseller lists or dozens of different awards lists. Click on "Catalog" in any of the lists and request that book be sent to your library. If CMRLS doesn't have the book, speak to your library staff about requesting the book through I-L-L.

By signing up for a FREE account with Next Good Book you can comment on books you've read, read comments by others, and even keep a list of books you've read or want to read (and decide if you want to share your list with friends). If you need help setting up an account, just ask your library staff! Happy reading!