Friday, March 30

Stop By the Pearl Library, Swap Howdies with a Staffer during National Library Week and Win a Sweet Treat!

April is a big month for libraries everywhere. That's when National Library Week is celebrated. This year it's April 8 -14 with the theme "Libraries Lead."  

You know what? Libraries as leaders is nothing new! 

You see, back in 1958 is when the first National Library Week was observed by the American Library Association (ALA).  

This is how it came about. Back in the 1950s folks were spending less time on reading books. Yep, they were into radio, television and music, especially musical instruments. Well, that really got the attention of the ALA and the American Book Publishers. They formed a nonprofit citizens organization called the National Book Committee in 1954.

Let me tell you this committee had some big goals that ranged from encouraging people to use their leisure time to read to "improving incomes and health" and "developing strong and happy family life." 

See what I mean? Libraries as important role models for communities has been part of libraries' goals and accomplishments for years!

In 1957 a plan was developed for National Library Week in an effort to motivate people to read so that they would support and use libraries. In 1958 sporting the theme "Wake Up and Read!", the first National Library Week was observed.  National Library Week was observed again in 1959 and continued yearly. When the National Book Committee disbanded in 1974, the ALA assumed the lead sponsorship.

At the Pearl Library, the goal is to make National Library Week very special. So, in an effort to get patrons connected not only to the Pearl Library, but to library staffers, Amy, the adult program coordinator, has come up with a sweet, great way to do that! 

Oh, yes! Come on in and introduce yourself to a staffer April 9 -13, write the staffer's name on a slip of paper provided for you and get a sweet treat in return. 

That's not all Amy has up her sleeve. Check out some of the other great National Library Week events!

Do not miss out!

We'll see you there!

Monday, March 26

YAM! BAM! Thank You...Young, Creative Artists!

Yes, That's right. Thank you Pearl School District students for sharing your creative side during Youth Art Month (YAM) at the Pearl Public Library! The library has been covered in the students' art all month long! 

This is the tenth year that the Pearl Library has embraced National Youth Art Month by showcasing the Pearl students' art during the month of March. It's great to see family members trickle into the library proudly looking for their loved ones' art!   

On Thursday, March 29 at 5 p.m. there will be a free reception, hosted by the Pearl Library and the Friends of the Pearl Library! This serves as the "official" viewing of the art work.
Loads of people are expected to attend. 

We hope you bring the whole family out for this wonderful evening!

Remember it's free. No invitation needed. You don't want to miss it!

We'll see you there!

Tuesday, March 13

Pregnancy: It's Not Just A Woman's World Anymore! A Pearl Public Library Program Spotlights Dads!

Have you noticed how many ads you see now with fathers holding, playing and caring for their tiny little babies?  You see it even in real life too. But, hey, years ago, it really wasn't like that.

No sireeedeedee! Uh-uh! 

Remember? It was considered the "woman's job" to deal with the stress of pregnancy on her own and to see about the little kiddies when they arrived. Dad's job was bringing home the bacon and well, cuttin' the lawn! The baby would cry and good 'ol dad would alert mom that the baby was in fact crying. Like she couldn't hear it herself! A poopy diaper would send dad gagging and running out of the house! LOL!!!!!!! OK, maybe not that bad!

Not now though. More and more dads are getting involved very early on, even during the pregnancy. 

And, then there are men out there that still don't have a clue, but would love to know more. 

Well, thank goodness that Amy, the Pearl Public Library's adult program coordinator, is on top of things!

To help new dads learn how to effectively prepare for the world of pregnancy, the Pearl Library is hosting a Magnolia Health, FREE, "Dads" program Thursday, March, 22 at 6 p.m. 

The program will be based on a book titled Dad: Little Word, Big Deal. Your Guide to the Father Situation, provided by the Centene Corporation, the parent company to Magnolia Health. A free copy of the book will be given to all program attendees.

“It’s really an open conversation talking about emotions that his partner goes through during pregnancy. It’s to help the father or father-to-be with what’s going on with his significant other,” said Becky Hill Martin, Community Relations Representative for Magnolia Health. Basically it’s “what to expect while expecting,” she said.
Martin will be assisting Magnolia Health’s primary presenter for this program, Jasmine Richardson, RN. 

It's so important for dads to be involved in their children's lives.  According to the Centene Corporation (, children are more likely to live in poverty and abuse drugs, be abused and neglected and develop emotional or behavioral problems when the father is not present in the child’s life.

What an important program new dads and moms too simply cannot miss! No registration required!

We'll see you there!

Thursday, March 8

Get your "Craic" on at the Pearl Public LIbrary!

Oh, yeah! Craic is good. Pronounced (crack), it's an Irish slang word that means a fun, entertaining time! And, a good time is what everyone loves!

 You know where you can find it? Uh-huh, at the Pearl Public Library. 

Here's a real cool, free event to get you all geared up for  St. Patrick's Day. 

Come on into the library and see the Jackson Irish Dancers next Tuesday, March 13 at 6 p.m. It's family night directed by Tonia, the Youth Services Supervisor at the library, and she's not about to let you down!
You know, the Jackson Irish Dancers have been performing and offering classes for 20 years, since 1998.  They perform, teach, and even compete sometimes.  

They have classes for children and adults.  You can book them for festivals, school and church events, clubs and yes, libraries too!

“Libraries are among the best places to put on a program,” said Margaret Cupples, President of the Jackson Irish Dancers. “Libraries are always fun because families and kids get involved,” she said. “What we do is traditional Irish dance which is fun to participate in.” 

They’ll perform Irish dances, like Ceili (pronounced Kay-Lee) which is a square dance type group dancing, the solo, up-on-your-toes, Riverdance-style dance and also Sean-nos dance which is an old style, more traditional dance. “Sean-nos is lower to the ground, not on your toes so much,” said Cupples. “It’s a little bit less formal and you use your arms a little.”
Hey, you wanna learn some of the moves during the program? They'll be happy to teach some!

You can't possible miss this CRAIC-ING night! No reservations needed, and again, it's FREE! Bring the whole family!

We'll see you there!

Thursday, March 1

A Reading Challenge You Don't Want to Miss! It Will Make Your Life More Than Bliss!

“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”
OK! QUICK! What's the above quote from? 
You guessed it. Happy Birthday to You! by Dr. Seuss (1959).
Hey, I bet you are a good reader. Then why not join the Pearl Public Library's celebration of the National Education Association's Read Across America Day which occurs each year on or near Dr. Seuss' birthday (March 2).   
The really good news is that the Pearl Library's celebration runs all month long starting today!  Amy, adult programming, and Kristen, teen programming, have joined forces to put on this challenge to see who reads the most books. 
This is a wonderful time for the whole family to join in the READING celebration! Throughout the month tell what great read you recently enjoyed and be entered into a FREE drawing to win. The prize is a gift certificate to Bay Window Books in Brandon and an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen Grill and Chill in Pearl! The drawing is April 2. 
While you are here, take a look at all the creative art from students of the Pearl School District.  This is the 10th year that the Pearl Library has celebrated National Youth Art Month by canvassing the library with the students' art for the entire month of March. On Thurs. March 29, there is a free reception for all sponsored by the Friends of the Pearl Library from 5 to 6:30 p.m.
WOW! So, much you do not want to miss!
We'll see you there!