Wednesday, August 25

Computer Classes @ your library

Are you looking for a free adult computer class for email basics? Word processing know-how? Spreadsheets? Or just to find out why there is a mouse attached to the computer?

Many CMRLS libraries have free computer classes scheduled for adults. You won't need to sit beside a ten year old who already knows everything! Check the class schedules using the online calendar!

You can aid your search by clicking on the "Search Calendar Events" in the upper left corner of the calendar window. Choose "Option 3: by keyword:". Type the word computer in the text box and click the "Search" button! You will see only the computer classes offered at your libraries! For more information click one of the entries on the calendar. Contact the library to find out if there is space available for that class or find future dates for the class.

*NOTE: The "Search Calendar Events" feature will also allow you to view a particular library calendar. Just choose "Option 2: by branch:", then click the library you are interested in! For information on programs by category (adult, pre-school, family, etc.) choose "Option 1: by category:" and click the appropriate category!

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