Monday, August 30

2004 Presidential Election

Are you still hoping to make an informed decision before casting your vote on Nov. 2? Check out these websites for help:
Project Vote Smart: All Candidates - includes a short biography, email, web address, affiliations, and more, for all candidates.
Presidential Election Information Source and Directory "...the premiere Presidential Election information portal, source, and directory that provides Government, State, local, and Presidential Election information."
The 2004 U. S. Presidential Election: A view from the web. -an analysis of candidates websites.
Librarians Index to the Web: 2004 Presidential Elections -find anything dealing with the election, jokes and even an explanation of the electoral college!
2004 Presidential Election News - from, the internet's largest news site.
Federal Election Commission - This site is designed as a tool for anyone who wishes to learn more about financing campaigns for federal office, the rules and regulations pertaining to this process, or elections and voting in general.


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