Tuesday, August 24

Mississippi Authors Information

Links to websites about Mississippi's rich literary heritage -- from Mississippi Library Association/Mississippi Author Links http://www.misslib.org/maa/links.php

Mississippi's African American Authors-

"The only document of its kind on the Internet, this comprehensive listing of Mississippi's African-American authors is intended to assist researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and primary and secondary students in their discovery and exploration of the state's African-American writers. Funded by the Mississippi State University Office of Research, this project is ongoing, and the list is continually updated. It is hoped that established and emerging authors will continually be identified and added to this list by its compilers and by the literary community, whose input is always welcome." - quoted from the homepage

Mississippi Writers-

"Many twentieth-century writers were born in Mississippi or have spent an important part of their lives in the state. Some of the writers are world famous, while others are up-and-coming authors with a first novel that is getting much attention. Others are poets, short story writers, dramatists, essayists, or writers of historical novels or memoirs. Many have had movies made based on their work. All have contributed to the literary and cultural heritage of Mississippi. This web site provides up-to-date information about these writers as researched by the students of Starkville High School in Starkville, Mississippi." - quoted from the Mississippi Writers webpage

The Mississippi Writers Page-

"The Mississippi Writers Page brings together in one place a wide assortment of information about Mississippi's plethora of literary artists... At the heart of The Mississippi Writers Page are the Writer Listings, individual articles on Mississippi writers which include biographical and critical commentaries on the writers, a comprehensive list of their publications, media adaptations, a selective bibliography of critical resources, and an assortment of resources available on the Internet. ." - quoted from the homepage

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