Thursday, December 31

January Events for The Morton Library


   Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean all of the excitement is gone.
At the Morton Library, we are still reading, making crafts, and having contests! 
We have fun crafts to be picked up for our take-home crafts this month.
We are also having another fun contest! This one will show all of your creative talents!
It's making a snowman! The only rules are that it can't contain anything that will go bad or melt and it needs to be no taller than 24 inches high. Other than that let your imaginations run wild and see who can create the best snowman. So let the contest begin and may the best snowman win! Bring your snowman to the library no later than Jan 17th . The winner will be picked that afternoon. A small prize will be given.

   We have a great event for adults online this month. It is an interview with  Author Randy Pierce.
It will be a zoom talk on January 21 at 3:00 p.m. He is the author of the book Missy. Please join in 
and hear all about him.

Don't forget to return any books that you may still have at home from prior to covid, we are relieving
fines right now so please return any books you may have and we will take care of the fine for you.

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