Tuesday, June 29

Happy Audiobooks Month!

When I was a little girl, how I loved it when my mother read to me! Her voice was so soothing, and she always put just the right amount of inflection in her voice. When I was a little older, my Science teacher, Mrs. Jan Burrows, would read to us and boy was she good! (She was the one who introduced Edgar Allen Poe to me). 

To this day, I still love people reading to me, so I check out audiobooks.  

But Mrs. Frances that is cheating! No, it is not. Everyone has different learning styles: Visual (spatial) Learner, Aural (auditory) Learner, Verbal (linguistic) Learner, Physical (kinesthetic) Learner, Logical (mathematical) Learner, Social (interpersonal) Learner, and Solitary (intrapersonal) Learner. *

I happen to be part visual and aural. 

So if you like being read to, try an audiobook.  I would suggest anything read by Jim Dale. He has narrated all of the Harry Potter books and he narrated Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I listened to Ghost Hawk by Susan Cooper through our Axis 360 app. Not something I was wanted to read, but Dale kept me captivated. 

Tim Curry narrated the Lemony Snickett series entitled, The Series of Unfortunate Events. He brought the evil out in Count Olaf. 

Need a good laugh? Try David Sedaris. He is always too funny! Me Talk Pretty One Day, Naked, and Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim are my favorites.

I like to listen to George Guidall. I enjoyed him reading, The Cat Who series by Lillian Jackson Braum (I can't help it, I loooove cozy mysteries!) but he also does Vince Flynn's series, Mitch Rapp. 

So give it a try. Instead of having the TV on while you are cleaning the house, listen to an audiobook! In the car? Put in an audiobook. I talked to one lady and she listens to audiobooks while she crochets!

*Source:  https://www.time4learning.com/learning-styles/#linguistic

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