Monday, November 15

Let's Celebrate Picture Book Month!

Celebrate Picture Book Month

    Children’s librarians LOVE picture books. They are perfect for teaching a lesson or a moral in thirty-two pages, and the illustrations can be as close to Art on the page, as Art on the walls. They are also great read aloud and acted out by the reader. Picture books pull young readers in when they are little and can make them life-long readers and learners

    There are not too many picture books that I do not like. I would like to highlight a few that I have enjoyed sharing in previous story times. Personally, I enjoy picture books that make me laugh aloud. One of those books is This is Not my Hat by Jon Klassen. A mischievous fish takes a hat from a much larger fish and “thinks” he is getting away with it. Let us just say the results do not fare well for the mischievous fish.

    I also like books that are fun to read aloud. Wet Dog by Elise Broach is hilarious. If you have a thick, southern drawl like I do, and read the antics of this hound, the kids go nuts. The illustrations are so bright and vibrant the kiddos are at once taken with it. The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith is funny as well. The repetition and tongue twists can be a challenge for the reader but are great fun for the listener. Another author, Mo Willem, is great whether you want to read about Elephant and Piggie, or that crazy Pigeon. The books are perfect for early readers because they are funny, relatively short, and children can relate to the characters.

    So, what picture books do you enjoy? Have I left off your favorites? Of course, I have! I could mention books by Seuss, Carle, Bunting, Mayer, Potter, Wood, Henkes, Brown, but I just wanted to highlight a few of my favorites. I encourage parents to take the time to read to your children while they are young. Doing so, could be the difference between a reader and a non-reader.


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