Wednesday, August 29

A Day to Remember

It's been two years, today. A somber memory, with personal losses or our knowledge of someone else's loss. And, just like the question, "Where were you when President Kennedy was shot?" the question, "Where were you when Katrina hit?" will be repeated many times over our lifetime.

The papers and news segments today will consist of Hurricane Katrina, the devistation, and where we are today. If you would like to read through some of the reports, look at the pictures or read fiction based on that day, check out Hurricane Katrina from the CMRLS library shelves.

The libraries also have materials that may help with life changing events, depression, and healing. NextReads, the libraries' email book lists, has categories on "Spirituality & Religion" and "Mind & Body Fitness" that may help someone still going through traumatic times. Both of these lists, and all other categories, may also be read online. And, as always, if you can't find what you are looking for...ask a librarian!

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Anonymous said...

It has been a hard time. Thank you for the post.