Tuesday, August 28

Looking for a good book?

Are you looking for a good book? CMRLS will send you a NextReads email with at least 10 titles in the category you chose. Even if you don't want to receive a monthly email, you can to the NextReads site and view the current lists! Click here if you would like to see all the past lists!

NextReads is a GREAT service for adults, young adults, and kids. There is even a picture book list! Where else can you find ready-made lists of titles with a link to the CMRLS catalog so that you can go ahead and request the book while you are reading about it? Still can't find a book you want to read? Ask your library staff to suggest a title. Just tell the staff member what you have read that you liked and what you have read that you didn't like. We will find your next favorite book for you!

Remember, if you can't find a good book, ask your library staff for help or visit NextReads.

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