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Magnolia Databases


Magnolia:  Scholarly Research with a Twist by Amy Lee- Branch Manager- Brandon Public Library

At some point during our school years (as well as throughout adulthood), we were required to at least one project that required extensive, involved research on our part.   Usually, this meant using at least one type of database or online search engine.   Today, new resources and innovative technology are on the rise, racing to meet user demands.   While research of all ages and ability levels is something that is not disappearing anytime soon, there will, indeed, be a need for reliable resources with even more reliable and up-to-date, accurate information.    This is where your local library can help!  With a CMRLS card, patrons have access to a variety of print and digital resources, including Magnolia.

Magnolia is an online database that can be easily accessed through Central Mississippi Regional Library System’s virtual reference page.    With Magnolia, users can peruse a variety of scholarly books, journals, and/or journal articles, and other materials, as well as create a unique research experience.   The familiar basic search bar is available at the top of the EBSCOhost software page, but users can perform an advanced search and choose one or more enhancing features, including maps, photographs, type of publication, specific limiters, publication date(s), number of pages, language, and more.  Ebscohost also offers additional information features, including Newspaper Source, Business Source Complete, and Academic Search Premiere, further assisting in tailoring to a user’s research needs.

Not only does Magnolia feature familiar, user-friendly search features for its online database through EBSCOhost, but patrons also have access to more specialized databases, which are tailored to specific subject-based topics, as well as links to resources that are free to CMRLS cardholders.  For example, Magnolia features a clean layout of links, including access to online reference tools, including AutoRepair Source for cars, Novelist Plus online reader’s advisory resource, and Flipster (e-magazines).  

Additional resources that can be accessed through Magnolia’s online database include Explora- a reference informational database designed for Elementary and Middle School students.  Another helpful feature for businesses and organizations can be accessed through Magnolia.  Business Searching Interface offers a large selection of articles and information relating to major organizations and businesses.  Users can also view business profiles, including specific information and marketing reports.  Lastly, patrons have access to up-to-date information in the medical field through various articles, an index with A-to-Z information on common ailments and/or conditions, as well as a database containing natural alternative treatments, and medication listings with information on potential harmful drug interactions and side effects.  A translated feature is also built in for the Spanish-speaking community.

Phew!  This is a lot of information to take in, but the good news is that it is organized by Magnolia’s easy-to-use database and webpage layout.  Also, feel free to stop by your local CMRLS Library Branch, and our staff will be more than happy to assist you with instruction or assistance with any type of information.    It’s one more reason libraries rock and are needed today more than ever!

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