Monday, September 12

Auto Repair Source


Auto Repair Source


It could happen to anyone. You're on your honeymoon and the next thing you know you're having car trouble. Then you find yourself at a garage after hours faced with the enormous task of spending the night rebuilding a car engine. The mechanic is going home for the evening. He doesn't do overtime. He leaves the garage open and in your capable hands for you to work on your car. Meanwhile, your spouse is not happy. He goes next door and checks into a hotel.


Then you see a light in the distance. It's a Starbucks. You retrieve your iPad from the back seat, close the doors and venture off into the night. As you walk next door to a Starbucks you find that Wi-Fi is available. Access to the CMRLS website is available. Auto Repair Source under the Virtual Collection weblink is also available. After some quick research you order a Mocha Frappuccino and return to the garage. It's going to be a long night.


While at Starbucks you opened the Auto Repair Source website by typing in your library card number. Never leave home without it! It can cost $3.00 to replace a library card. Then you type in the Year, Make, Model and Engine to access information on this vehicle. Then a virtual plethora of information appears and becomes available at your fingertips. Categories ranging from oil changes to transmission systems to digital electronics to internal components of car engines.


Now you can take apart the car engine, find the source of the problem and put the car engine back together and be reasonably sure that there won't be any nuts and bolts leftover. Sure hope there's no antifreeze in the engine block. That's no fun at all.


Not everyone can rebuild a car engine by memory, but imagine having this information resource available when you need it the most.


The mechanic checks in on you later in the night and you talk shop, auto shop that is. Then you are left alone to continue with the most daunting of tasks. Meanwhile your husband is in a nice comfortable hotel room watching late night television.


Working on a car is probably not what most people do on a wedding night.


An hour later it starts to rain.

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