Wednesday, January 19

Fifty Years Ago...

The play Bus Stop, by William Inge, opened at the Music Box Theater in NewYork.
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The play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof , by Tennessee Williams, opened on Broadway.
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Ford Motor Company introduced the Thunderbird to compete with GM's Corvette.
Check out these titles:
100 Years on the Road: A Social History of the Car, by Raymond Flower & Michael Wynn.
How a Car is Built, video for ages 4-12
The Complete History of General Motors, by Richard Longworth
Natchez Trace Parkway: A Road Through the Wilderness: History & Self-guided Tour, audio

Special K, the Kellogg fat-free toasted cereal made its debut.
Check out these titles:
The New Mayo Clinic Cookbook: Eating Well for Better Health
Nutrition for Dummies, by Carol Ann Rinzler

The Detroit Red Wings won the hockey Stanley Cup.
Check out these titles:
Hockey: A History of the Fastest Game on Ice, by Mark Stewart
Hockey for Dummies, by John Davidson
The Concise Encyclopedia of Hockey, by M. R. Carroll

U. S. President Ike Eisenhower had a heart attack.
Check out these titles:
50 Ways to a Healthy Heart, by Christian Barnard
Before It Happens to You: A Breakthrough Program for Reversing or Preventing Heart Disease, by Jonathan S. Bernstein
Heart Diseases for Dummies, by James M. Rippe
Dwight D. Eisenhower, by Tom Wicker

Joe DiMaggio was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Check out these titles:
The American Classic: The World Series at 100, by Ken Leiker
The Book of Baseball Literacy, by David H. Martinez
DiMaggio: Setting the Record Straight, by Morris Engelberg & Marv Schneider

These facts were found at Check it out! What happened the year you were born? Do you share a birthday with someone famous or infamous? See your local librarian if you are looking for further information on any subject!

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