Friday, September 9

September is...

Follow the links to websites and book lists.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Month - check out your libraries books on ADHD.
Baby Safety Month - take a look at books and videos on child safety.
Childhood Cancer Month - Books on coping with cancer.
Children's Good Manners Month - check out these
etiquette books for children and teens.
College Savings Month - books, audios, and videos to help you save!
Fall Hat Month - books about hats.
Healthy Aging Month - your library has these books on the subject of aging.
Library Card Sign-up Month
Menopause Awareness Month - and take a look at these books, also.
National Biscuit Month - try these recipes for
great biscuits.
National Chicken Month - check out these cookbooks!
National Honey Month - learn all about honey.
National Piano Month -
National Potato Month - take a look at these potato recipes
National Rice Month - check out these recipe books at your library.
National School Success Month - a book and video to help begin a successful experience.
National Sewing Month - take a look at these great books.
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - your library has these new books on ovarian cancer.
Pain Awareness Month - check out these books on chronic pain.
Self-Improvement Month
Southern Gospel Music Month
Update Your Resume Month and check out these books on fixing up your remume!


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