Wednesday, February 22

A Few Staff Picks

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  • Comfort & Joy, by Kristin Hannah - Joy goes through a really difficult episode in her life and is not dealing with it very well. When she finally tries to "get away" she's in a plane crash that leaves her in a strange situation with a handsome man and his son. This story has a very interesting twist that left me with my mouth open. (J., RL)
  • The Tarnished Eye, by Judith Guest - A page-turner about the murder of an entire family at their summer home and the unveiling of their killer. (A., FW)
  • Missing Mom, by Joyce Carol Oates - A coming-to-terms novel, again about a murder, and the daughter who must unravel her complicated feelings about and relationship to her mother. (A., FW)
  • New Mercies, by Sandra Dallas - This is the story of a young woman who learns that she has inherited the "mansion" of an aunt she didn't know she had and must go to Natchez to claim it and discover an intriguing side of her family...set in 1933. (A., FW) & (A., FW)
  • Even Now, by Karen Kingsbury - This is a beautiful story about two people, who as teens decided to keep their baby despite the fact that the grandparents wanted them to give the child up for adoption. This story follows a journey of 20 years and is filled with love, hope and the promise that love does survive. (G., FL)
  • Mary, Mary: A Novel, by James Patterson - I would recommend to anyone who loves thrillers. Alex Cross is on vacation in Las Angeles, California. With his reputation for solving murders, he is asked to help solve the murder and mutilation of well known actresses. A signed note, Mary Smith, is left at each scene stating more deaths to follow. (W., SE)

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