Monday, April 3

Carolyn Haines visits during NLW!

Nationally known author, Carolyn Haines spoke at Flowood Library on Monday, April 3, during National Library Week. Ms. Haines kept the audience entertained with stories about her writing and teaching. Afterwards she signed her newest book, Penumbra, which will be in bookstores this week and in the libraries this month.

About Penumbra: Marlena Bramlett, a young mother married to the wealthiest man in the area, is raped and beaten beyond recognition. Marlena had been entertaining her lover at a picnic in the woods, and her six-year-old daughter is missing after the attack. Jade Dupree, Marlena's unacknowledged half-sister (her mother is society dame Lucille Longier and her father an unknown black man) is determined to find her niece with the help of white deputy sheriff Frank Kimble (from her website

"While suspenseful and violent, Haines' literary thriller never loses sight of the poignant story at its heart. Transcending the usual mystery conventions, this is highly recommended." -The Library Journal

Carolyn Haines is also a recepient of the 2004 CMRLS Patron's Award for Crossed Bones, a Sarah Booth Delaney mystery.

For other books by Ms. Haines that are found in CMRLS libraries , click here.

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