Wednesday, January 2

Best of 2007

If you "Google" the phrase 'best of 2007' today (Jan. 2, 2008), you get 2,050,000 hits! That number will change tomorrow. Here is a list of some of the interesting ones, in no particular order.

50 Best Websites of 2007 from Time
100 Best Companies from Working Mother
2007 World's Best Awards for Travel and Leisure from American Express
Best Books of 2007 from
Best Books of 2007 from Library Journal
Best Cars of 2007 from CNN and Consumer Reports
Best Employers of 2007 from AARP
Best Hospitals of 2007 by US News & World Report
Best of 2007 by Surfing the Net with Kids
20 Top Tens of 2007 by LifeHacker
Best of Zen Habits for 2007 by Zen Habits
Best of the Best Lists by (Lots of lists!)
Book Awards Lists
Best CDs of 2007 by NPR Music
100 Best Products of 2007 by PC World magazine
The Best of What's New for 2007 by Popular Science (
Best Books of the Year by Publishers Weekly
Best of 2007 by Rolling Stone
Best 10 Books of 2007 by New York Times
TV's Best of 2007 by San Francisco Chronicle

Have fun finding out what others thought made 2007 a great year!

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