Thursday, May 8

NEW Library Card!

They are here!
The NEW plastic
CMRLS library cards
can be found at your
nearest CMRLS library.

Stop by your library with your current card and ask the staff to issue you one of the new plastic cards. You have the choice of a credit card sized library card or the convenient key tag library card. The key tag card easily slips on to your key ring just like your Kroger or CVS cards. You'll always have it with you!

The library staff will take your old paper library card and add it to the cards they have already collected. Make sure your signature is on the back, because your old card enters you into a drawing at the end of September! Each CMRLS branch will hold a drawing with prizes from local businesses.

While you are replacing your old paper card, you will want to tell the staff of any address, phone number, or email address changes that need to be made. EARLY EMAIL NOTIFICATION is available to those of you with email addresses. CMRLS will send you an email 3 days before any item you have checked out is due. This means NO late fees! Just tell your library staff to sign you up for EARLY EMAIL NOTIFICATION.

For branch location and hours of operation visit, with a new interactive CMRLS service area map!

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Anonymous said...

GREAT! and they look good!