Thursday, April 16

A GREAT Statement for today!

National Library Week 2009 is almost at its close!

Worlds Connect @ your library, is a theme we can look at so many different ways. A world of people can obviously 'connect' @ your library, but better yet, the Peoples of the world can 'connect'. Anyone can go into the library and learn about any Peoples; their beliefs, their struggles, their accomplishents! Too deep? Maybe, but very true!

I found this quote attributed to Lady Bird Johnson in an email I received today. "Perhaps NO place in ANY community is so Totally democratic as the town Library. The only entrance requirement is Interest."

The couple of minutes that I spent Googling this quote did not give me the reason, date, or location of this statement by our late First Lady; and the quote sent to me was not emboldened or italicized as you see it quoted here. I just let my knowledge, however limited, of the First Lady's Southern drawl and my interpretation of the quote give it the emphasis I feel she must have meant! Forgive me, but I can see and hear it very clearly in the archived video that plays in my head. I'm sure that she most probably was speaking to a group standing in a garden outside a new building, maybe even a new library, and wearing a pastel outfit with a white handbag in the crook of her elbow, pine trees in the background...oh, sorry, probably too much information!

It is a great quote, and is really fitting for today when everyone thinks the word democratic can only be spelled with a "capitol D". It must have sounded grand in that drawl!

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