Friday, October 16

Ten Reasons to Visit a Library this Weekend!

10. Check out a DVD or VCR movie FREE for the kids (it's going to be raining)!
9. Pick up a book on CD, or tape, and listen to it while you drive home, again FREE.
8. Check out a CD of "Oldie Goldies", (FREE) whether that's the 90's for you, or the 40's!
7. Check out one of the newest Vampire novels, and learn why they're SO popular, and FREE!
6. Trek to another planet in a Sci-Fi (or SyFy) novel for FREE.
5. Sign up for Early Email Notification and let us remind you 3 days before books are due, again FREE!
4. Check out a video game for your PS 2 or 3, Nintendo DS or Wii, yep...FREE!
3. Learn to pinch a penny for FREE!
2. Find a new FREE recipe for chicken!
1. Talk to your librarian, anytime, for FREE.

Have a great weekend!

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