Monday, August 2

Get the Smartest Card!

Does the student in your life have a Library card?

Start their school year off right with the best school supply you can get, the smartest card - a CMRLS Library Card. It's FREE, and it gives your student access to over 360,000 items in 20 Libraries, all with computers and Internet access. The staff at each Library will help your student find just what they need for their projects and assignments. We want to help you and your student have a successful school year!

It's not all about homework, either; there are video games, DVDs, book MP3s and music CDs, graphic novels, programs...and so much more at CMRLS Libraries!

If your student doesn't have a Library card, get them one now! Start the school year off with the SMARTEST CARD, a CMRLS Library Card! Let the Libraries help make this a successful school year, for you and your student!

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