Thursday, December 1

Something Tasty is Cooking at the Pearl Public Library

The Friends of the Pearl Library, seeking a creative way to raise money, decided a book of good eats would hit home, but not solely as a fundraiser according to Edith West, Friends president. “It’s a way to do something for the public at the same time,” she said.
Who doesn’t like to pour over great recipes that are easy to make? It can stimulate the appetite. Creamy Ham ‘n’ Macaroni, Cheesy Corn Bites, Randy’s Good Ol’ Fashioned Swiss Chicken, and Squash Casserole - the pages go on with mouthwatering recipes.
"Putting the cookbook together was a lot of fun" said Totsy Hayes, Friends vice-president, credited for doing much of the leg work. “Reading all the recipes made me hungry. It’s all so good,” she said.
Pecan Cream Cheese Pie, Mother’s Sweet Potato Pie and Blueberry Pound Cake - doesn’t that sound like the holidays? Although the Taste of Pearl Cookbook ($15) is right in time for them, it didn’t start out that way. “When we started talking about doing a cookbook, we didn’t know it would be Christmastime when we got it published,” chuckled West. “It makes a great birthday gift too!”
The Friends actually started work on the cookbook about five months ago. Hayes and Friends member, Bobbie Johns, got busy soliciting recipes and creating pages. “Totsy and Bobbie did a good job putting it (cookbook) together,” said West proudly. “The two of them did it all.”
Hayes won’t have any of that kind of talk. She maintains it took all the Friends, many of whom have recipes in the cookbook, to make the cookbook bloom. "It was a group effort," said Hayes, “It took time and patience to get it done.” That’s not only because of writing and editing. No, the Friends took it a step further.
They made calls to some state officials and were pleased to get recipe submissions. Would you like to know what Secretary of State, Delbert Hosemann likes to prepare? What about Congressman, Gregg Harper or even, yes, Governor Haley Barbour? They’re in there.
Luscious Lemon Ring, now that’s what West has her eyes on. “It is a thing of beauty. I’ve seen it. I’ve eaten it, and it is delicious,” she said with conviction. “I definitely want to make it.”

Article written by Susan Gray

For more information on The Taste of Pearl Cookbook, call the Pearl Public Library at 601-932-2562.

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