Tuesday, November 6

CMRLS Libraries Offer eBooks

Central Mississippi Regional Library System announces the newest service available to Library cardholders. Your Libraries are now offering eBooks for download to the Blio Reader app for Kindle Fire, iPhones, iPods, iPads, Android phones and tablets; or the ePub and pdf formats for Nook, Color Nook, Sony, or Kobo eReaders.
            The terminology and technology may be new to you; but eBooks are just one more format that books and information may be delivered to CMRLS Library cardholders. The eBooks are checked out and downloaded to your eReader any time of the day or night, and anywhere you have a WiFi connection. You have the book for seven days. And, there is never a late fee or charge for damages because the eBooks are returned to the Library without you leaving the comfort of your home or making time in your busy day to visit the Library!
            Patrons who have waited patiently for this service may have already begun searching for eBooks to read. A link on the CMRLS website takes you directly to the “Magic Wall,” where you can view the eBooks and read summaries; read reviews or write your own. A link on the Magic Wall takes you directly to Blio, a free app to be downloaded once…and that’s it! The most popular eBooks in the collection are shown on the Magic Wall when it opens, but there are ways to search for eBooks – by age group, subject, or title. If the title you are looking for is unavailable, you may place a hold so that you are the next in line, just like a print book. You can create a Wish List for titles you may wish to read later.
There is a HELP button on the Magic Wall and links to further help on the CMRLS website. Watch the CMRLS calendar and your local newspaper for announcements of classes for help with checking out eBooks on your eReader.
CMRLS is also launching a free Library app this week! BookMyne, a very useful application that allows you to search the CMRLS Library catalog, access your Library account; view Library contact information, business hours, and directions to the Library using Google Maps. Install this app on your phone and you can call or email your home Library with one click. This app will search for the nearest Library within 10-300 miles using your location, very handy if looking for a free WiFi connection while traveling.
“Suggested Reading” is a wonderful tool within the BookMyne app. Powered by the popular website Goodreads, this lists award winning titles and popular titles to search for in the CMRLS Library catalog. If the title is not in the catalog, ask Library staff for options.
Further information may be found on the CMRLS website, www.cmrls.lib.ms.us. CMRLS serves the public libraries of Rankin, Scott, Simpson, and Smith Counties.

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