Tuesday, February 19

February Craft Night at the Pearl Library!

Last week's Craft Night at the Pearl Library was a double-header!

First, we decorated some coffee mugs using stencils and magic markers. We then baked the coffee mugs at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. This sets the magic marker. I got this idea from Pinterest, and everyone had such a nice time doing this craft!

Next, while we waited for our mugs to bake, we made some Valentine's Day cards using repurposed book paper from an old book, along with some stencils, more markers, and acrylic paints. Look at all the fun we had!

And I forgot to mentino that the whole night got started off by a little celebration of Annie's birthday. Happy birthday Annie, and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone else!

If you're interested in coming to our craft nights, please join us every second Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.! Also, you can follow CMRLSLibrary on Pinterest and get a sneak peak at some of the crafts we plan to do.

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