Wednesday, April 17

Pearl Library starts National Library Week off with glasses and parties!

Yesterday was a huge day for us at the Pearl Library! For starters, it was Dress Like a Librarian Day! Here are a few shots of our supervisors hamming it up in the stacks...

(You have no idea how happy all of us were to don our glasses and official-looking skirts. Fun fact: one of the librarians pictured to the side is actually wearing a skirt that was given to her by ANOTHER librarian at a state library agency. The force of the library was strong with us yesterday!)

While all of the fun dressing up was going on, we were also doing what we normally do as librarians, which means that we were checking books out to patrons, manning the computer lab, running our regular story times, and preparing for programs. Here's a photo of our Children's supervisor giving one of the children's clerks some information about  an upcoming story time.

As late afternoon approached, we had to kick it into serious work mode to prepare for programs. Our children's department hosted Sarah Frances Hardy, who read her picture book Puzzled by Pink to a room full of kids decked out in princess outfits, fairy wings, jeans, pajamas, or whatever they wanted to wear to the Puzzled by Pink Party!

Finally, the adults ended the night with delicious refreshments (inspired by Pinterest, of course!) and a reading by Mississippi's cartoonist-laureate, Marshall Ramsey, who read to us from his book and from his blog, which can be found at

Wow! What a day! For those of you who joined us, we thank you, and we hope you had a great time! For those of you who couldn't make it by the Pearl Library yesterday, we hope we'll see you later on this week, when James Meredith with speak about his new book and when the MDAH will talk to us about Eudora Welty's house and collection.Check Facebook and our calendar for details!

*We'd like to add a big thanks to the Pearl Chamber of Commerce for donating all the food for yesterday's programs. It was wonderful!

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