Monday, September 30

Author Jeana Campbell Visits Florence Library

Florence Public Library:

Author Jeana Campbell will be joining us Oct. 9 To talk about and sign copies of her latest novel "The Elder". Come and enjoy coffee and light refreshments.

Wednesday. October. 9, 2013
11:00pm - 12:00pm

It is written from the time of the dragon, one will come to light that will embrace the past and the present, bringing forth a time of peace and love within the generations of its descendants. Since the first Witch saved the dragon, who loved her greatly, and created the first generation of Gargoyle, there has never been another with greater significance until now, until the Elder. Plans are placed to have the prominent Elder murdered in order to force the Lord from leadership of the Clan of Gargoyles and Coven of humans he overrules, by the man who wishes to become Master of Clan and Coven.

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