Wednesday, February 17

"What's good to read?"

A question heard many times a day at a library..."What's good to read?" Well, we could take a minute and poll the staff and any visitors in the library, but there is a much easier way.

Subscribe to a NextReads newsletter, a monthly newsletter from CMRLS that is populated with books that fit the genre you choose. And, what a list you have to choose from...Armchair Travel to Tween Reads. You won't have to subscribe to the newsletters if you don't wish to do so. Our Inboxes get pretty full, too! If you see a newsletter that you wish to read, click the name of the newsletter. You will get a short description of the content and whether the information comes to you monthly or every other month.

Place a checkmark beside any subject or subjects that interest you; provide your email address and sit back and wait for 8-10 reading recommendations in each scheduled email! If you wish to see the latest issue before you subscribe or if you just want to read them online, click the link View Latest Issue.

Once you've found a title in the newsletter that looks interesting, click it. The link takes you directly to the CMRLS Catalog where you may place a hold on the book, audio, or downloadable eBook or audio.
For those who want even more reading recommendations look for NoveList Content in the catalog. This is the information found when searching a James Patterson title, NYPD Red4. The first recommendations are other Thriller series. Click Show Titles below on of these and you are given the titles in the series, in order. Click Why this match? and see what about these books are like the original title you chose.

 As always, if recommendations are still needed, ALWAYS ask, "What's good to read?"

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