Tuesday, May 15

Central Perks for CMRLS Friends

Join the FRIENDS of Your CMRLS Library and receive perks to be used throughout the membership year!

Our FRIENDS make materials, equipment, and activities possible during the year with membership dues, donations, and book sales. All dues and proceeds from book sales go into your library for these much-needed items. The FRIENDS also sponsor, coordinate, and conduct programs for adults, teens, and children during the year, the largest of these are National Library Week and Summer Library Program. You may be as active as you wish with the FRIENDS of Your Library or you may choose to simply be an advocate for Your Library in your community. Library advocacy is an often overlooked task, but one with great impact on the library and community. For instance, how many of your community leaders know that nearly 80% of the citizens of Rankin, Scott, Simpson, and Smith Counties hold a CMRLS library card? That is important information your community and its leaders need to know!

FRIENDS’ memberships vary between libraries but most begin as low as $2.00 for students. Central Perks is worth a total of $12.00 in FREE fines and copies. Everyone can use perks like that! 

Ask about perks at your library and enjoy the PERKS of being a FRIEND of a CMRLS Library.

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