Tuesday, November 27

Crafts and Christmas

Crafts and Christmas seem to go together because the best gifts are those that are made with love. My family one year decided that we would make Christmas special by everyone making gifts for each other. When my mother passed away, one of her items I got back was something I had made her that Christmas. It has a special memory for me now.

Libraries love to have special crafting programs during Christmas time. Here at Raleigh we just had a painting class of a stocking door hanging, and will have a family craft next Monday making snowmen, penguins, and bears out of socks. These crafts can be turned into a special gift for someone on your special list.

I went on the CMRLS website calendar and checked just the art and DIY craft events
in the system for the month of December. There are so many different programs available. Find something you think would be fun, check with that library, and then make something special for someone special to you this Christmas.

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