Tuesday, January 12

Are You in the Mood to READ Romance?

Christmas holidays are over and Valentine's Day will be here, soon. Are you in the mood to read romance novels? Here are a couple of reader's tools to help you find a book to read.

Try the Next Good Book shelf link entitled "Trust Your Heart". You will find just a sampling of some newer romance titles and some older ones; some religious, funny, historical, or even mysterious! Sign up at Next Good Book and create your own 'book shelf' to share with friends or just to keep track of what you've read or want to read. You may comment on any of the books or just read what others have said about them. You may connect with numerous readers suggesting books or new authors that you may like to read!

You might also try the archived NextReads Romance newsletters found here. You will scroll through a year's worth of links to NextReads newsletters you may want to subscribe to but the Romance List is near the bottom of the page. Subscribe to one or all of these newsletters by following this link. Your email address will not be used for any other communication and we will not share your email address with anyone. No spam or ads! You will recieve monthly newsletters with suggestions for you to read and while you are on your computer reading through your email you may use the 'Library Catalog' link to go directly to your Library's catalog and request the book be held for you.

Both of these reader's tools are simple to navigate, but if you have questions just ask your Library staff for help. The Customer Service email form may also be used for help with these tools or any Library question you might have. If you would rather use your email server, the address is custsvc@cmrls.lib.ms.us

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