Monday, January 4

Happy New Year!

It's 2010 and a brand NEW year is ahead of us!
CMRLS wishes you and your family a very happy New Year!

Everyone is aware of State budget cuts, but you may not be aware that they directly affect your local Library and the services that are offered in your community. Your local CMRLS Library staff took a pay cut during the 2009 budget cuts so that local Library services would not be interrupted. More State budget cuts will certainly mean interrupted services, whether it is fewer hours your Library is open, fewer programs and books, or even fewer staff. This, coming at a time when personal budgets are causing families to cancel Internet access and cut back on many entertainment expenses.

Your Library, as part of CMRLS, offers your community

  • more than 360,000 free books, Videos/DVDs, Audios/CDs, magazines, and newspapers
  • free reference materials and services, many even accessible at your home, office, and school
  • free public access computers
  • free programming for all ages, including annual Summer Library Programs
So, this is the time when CMRLS Libraries must depend on you letting your state, county, and city officials know that your Library is important to YOU and your community. Let them know that your community needs and deserves the services that your Library offers to all the citizens in their districts. Cuts in services will mean that those citizens that need the free Library services, especially local and state newspapers, Internet access and job searching resources, will lose; and so will your community.

What else can I do to help MY Library? Join your local FRIENDS group! The Friends of the Library supports local libraries with a small annual membership fee, usually $5 per year. This helps with programming, books, or needed supplies. Just ask your local Library staff how you can join FRIENDS.  Your Library needs FRIENDS!

Central Mississippi Regional Library System serves the nearly 200,000 citizens and public Libraries of Rankin, Scott, Simpson, and Smith counties.

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