Friday, March 2

Homemade Soda?

Homemade Soda

I took a look at this book mostly out of curiosity! Can I really make soda at home? Fruit fizzes I know about, but homemade soda? I had a mental picture of the old westerns we used to watch and the one teetotaler cowboy that asks the bartender for a sarsaparilla.

Well I've not started my own "lib-blogger bottling" but I did find recipes that sounded great and there weren't too many ingredients or sound like something too difficult. The author, Andrew Schloss, gives recipes for sodas that you would expect to find on most any grocery store shelf--cola, root beer, fruit flavors and then there are those that I'm not sure I would try just because I'm not much of an experimentalist when it comes to sodas. I first saw them listed on the cover--"herbal and healing waters, sparkling teas and coffees, shrubs and switchels, cream sodas and floats, and other carbonated concoctions". I thought, floats are good, anything with ice cream on top. However, someone who does like to experiment with tastes could truly check out this book and have fun with it. Schloss makes it sound easy and fun, and he does explain what shrubs and switchels are!

If you are looking for something different to do for those hot summer days or just want to really be sure of what your family is drinking, check out Homemade Soda, by Andrew Schloss!

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Pearl Library said...

What a great idea! I wonder what homemade soda tastes like...