Thursday, January 2

Chapter 1 Book Club reaches for "Air"!


You don't want to miss this! Cecelia and her group, at the Pearl Library, are reading a great Mississippi author's work for January's Chapter 1 Book Club meeting.

Deborah Johnson's (a.k.a Deborah Johns) The Air Between US is the book of the month.

The Air Between Us takes place in segregated Revere where, like in most Mississippi towns, back in the 1960s, black people live on one side of the town, the whites on the other. They rarely mix, but then how does 10-year-old, Willie B. Tate, Jr. known as Critter, who is black and so short he can barely see over the dashboard, end up driving white, Billy Ray Puckett- wounded in a suspicious hunting accident - to a whites-only emergency room? 

The doc assures 'ol Billy Ray he'll be fine, but the good 'ol boy dies. Well, that's how hunting accidents end sometime. Right? Right!  That is until the sheriff orders an investigation. And the stuff that is unearthed!!!! Come to find out, those lines between the blacks and the whites in Revere, when you look a little deeper, aren't all that defined after all. Connections are revealed... hmmmmm.....

In The Air Between Us readers are kept guessing up to the very end!

You absolutely must read this book, and come to the Chapter 1 Book Club meeting on Thurs. Jan. 9 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. You don't have to reserve a spot, and you don't have to join the club, but do come by. We'll see you then. 

Deborah Johnson is a native of Columbus and has written several books with her next novel, The Secret of Magic, slated to be released  Jan 21, 2014. She is the editor for Genesis Press in Columbus, Mississippi and Executive Director of the Colom Foundation. Before moving to Columbus, she lived for eighteen years in Italy where she, for a time, worked as an announcer for the Vatican Radio in Rome. She has written several books and received an award from the Mississippi Library Association  for her novel The Air Between Us.  

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