Tuesday, January 14

Exquisite Hand Carved Wood Art Exhibit At The Pearl Library!

The Pearl Public Library is showcasing, Expressions in Wood, now through the month of February - in honor of Black History Month - the magnificent woodcarving art of Oklahoma native, George Berry, Sr. 

A hand carved dolphin, hippo, turtle, bison, pig and wolf are only a few that are among the breathtaking, wooden animals that grace the library's foyer. Waterfowl, eagles, owls and horses are onsite to admire as well. Hand carved lapel pins in the likeness of a hummingbird, butterfly and several leave pins are also in the exhibit.

George Berry, Sr.
Image courtesy of Cwilkins

Berry, now a resident of Pearl, moved to Mississippi in 1972 to teach industrial arts at the Piney Woods Country Life School where he retired in 1985. He's been carving wood since he was 6-years-old which means he has been creating art almost all his life. 

Berry shows a great appreciation of the beauty of wildlife through fine, delicate detail. His work is so impressively done, it's quite hard to believe it's actually hand carved. It seems almost impossible and truly demonstrates Berry's genius.

For those who love outdoor sports, hunting dogs and catfish are Berry's homage to Mississippi culture. 

An honoree of the Mississippi Arts Commission, Berry received the Governor's Awards for Excellence in the Arts for Artistic Achievement in 2001. Berry's wood carved sculptures are exhibited in numerous places in Jackson and Oklahoma and other private residences and offices throughout the U.S.

Berry is a charter member and Fellow of the Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi and is on the Guild's Board of Directors.

You really do not want to miss a great opportunity to see the Expressions in Wood exhibit! The Pearl Library invites everyone to come by. If it's your first time to visit the library, take a look around and see everything your library has to offer! 

We sure hope to see you here!


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