Friday, March 28

Crochet And Denim Put Together Like Flowers and Spring!


Spring has sprung at the Pearl Public Library in a most creative way! So, do not tell the circulation staff that Spring is not made of crochet because guess what?! It sure is! 
BEE-UTIFUL SPRING is what they call their desk decorations!(Above) 
 Mrs. Rachel got her fingers aworkin' and produced all the flowers, bees and the precious, red bird! WOW! That's a true gift! That lady can crochet like nobody's beeswax! Sara and Carolyn (who did all the lettering), along with the rest of the circulation staff, worked hard to get it all up!

Denim Window by Eleanor!
UHHH-HMMMMM!!!! Not to be outdone, Eleanor, from the Reference Dept., pulled out leftover denim from her Giving Tree Simply Crafts program and made all of THIS (above and below)!. Lettering, flowers, sun and grass border, all denim! Can you believe it! GREAT GOLLY, MISS MOLLY these folks are sure talented! Come by the library and see these bright, festive decorations!

Denim Spring Desk by Eleanor!


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