Friday, March 21


There's a reason, libraries are celebrated all over the United States for a whole week in April. This year it's April 14 -18. 

Hey!!!! Libraries are WORTH IT! Can you imagine life without libraries?! WAKE ME UP FROM THIS NIGHTMARE, SOMEBODY PLEASE!

I'm OK now. Thanks. 

There's one thing for sure. The Pearl Public Library is definitely celebrating! On tap are an Easter Egg hunt for adults, trivia and prizes.  Oh, what's this I hear! Eleanor says the bunny is leaving a cute little basket for the winner that finds that special egg!  Cooooooooooooool beans...uh, eggs I mean!  Don't miss it!

And, now, let's take a look at what some folks have to say about libraries...

--The public library is more than a repository of books. It's a mysterious, wondrous place with the power to change lives.Chicago Tribune literary editor Elizabeth Taylor

--It's an essential fight librarians are making, an age-old fight; yours is a battle for civilization. It's a fight for our country's founding values. Radio talk-show host Jim Hightower

--We must not think of learning as only what happens in schools. It is an extended part of life. The most readily available resource for all of life is our public library system. Author David McCullough

--The part of my education that has had the deepest influence wasn't any particular essay or even a specific class, it was how I was able to apply everything I learned in the library to certain situations in my life. . . The library takes me away from my everyday life and allows me to see other places and learn to understand other people unlike myself. Musician Gloria Estefan

--We all love to hear a good story. We save our stories in books. We save our books in libraries. Libraries are the storyhouses full of all those stories and secrets. Actor Kathy Bates

YES! YES! YES! That's what I'm talkin' about! And, that's why the Pearl Public Library will have some special, adult fun going on during National Library Week!

Please come by and support your library especially during this nationally recognized week!

We'll see you there!

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