Thursday, March 8

Get your "Craic" on at the Pearl Public LIbrary!

Oh, yeah! Craic is good. Pronounced (crack), it's an Irish slang word that means a fun, entertaining time! And, a good time is what everyone loves!

 You know where you can find it? Uh-huh, at the Pearl Public Library. 

Here's a real cool, free event to get you all geared up for  St. Patrick's Day. 

Come on into the library and see the Jackson Irish Dancers next Tuesday, March 13 at 6 p.m. It's family night directed by Tonia, the Youth Services Supervisor at the library, and she's not about to let you down!
You know, the Jackson Irish Dancers have been performing and offering classes for 20 years, since 1998.  They perform, teach, and even compete sometimes.  

They have classes for children and adults.  You can book them for festivals, school and church events, clubs and yes, libraries too!

“Libraries are among the best places to put on a program,” said Margaret Cupples, President of the Jackson Irish Dancers. “Libraries are always fun because families and kids get involved,” she said. “What we do is traditional Irish dance which is fun to participate in.” 

They’ll perform Irish dances, like Ceili (pronounced Kay-Lee) which is a square dance type group dancing, the solo, up-on-your-toes, Riverdance-style dance and also Sean-nos dance which is an old style, more traditional dance. “Sean-nos is lower to the ground, not on your toes so much,” said Cupples. “It’s a little bit less formal and you use your arms a little.”
Hey, you wanna learn some of the moves during the program? They'll be happy to teach some!

You can't possible miss this CRAIC-ING night! No reservations needed, and again, it's FREE! Bring the whole family!

We'll see you there!

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