Tuesday, March 13

Pregnancy: It's Not Just A Woman's World Anymore! A Pearl Public Library Program Spotlights Dads!

Have you noticed how many ads you see now with fathers holding, playing and caring for their tiny little babies?  You see it even in real life too. But, hey, years ago, it really wasn't like that.

No sireeedeedee! Uh-uh! 

Remember? It was considered the "woman's job" to deal with the stress of pregnancy on her own and to see about the little kiddies when they arrived. Dad's job was bringing home the bacon and well, cuttin' the lawn! The baby would cry and good 'ol dad would alert mom that the baby was in fact crying. Like she couldn't hear it herself! A poopy diaper would send dad gagging and running out of the house! LOL!!!!!!! OK, maybe not that bad!

Not now though. More and more dads are getting involved very early on, even during the pregnancy. 

And, then there are men out there that still don't have a clue, but would love to know more. 

Well, thank goodness that Amy, the Pearl Public Library's adult program coordinator, is on top of things!

To help new dads learn how to effectively prepare for the world of pregnancy, the Pearl Library is hosting a Magnolia Health, FREE, "Dads" program Thursday, March, 22 at 6 p.m. 

The program will be based on a book titled Dad: Little Word, Big Deal. Your Guide to the Father Situation, provided by the Centene Corporation, the parent company to Magnolia Health. A free copy of the book will be given to all program attendees.

“It’s really an open conversation talking about emotions that his partner goes through during pregnancy. It’s to help the father or father-to-be with what’s going on with his significant other,” said Becky Hill Martin, Community Relations Representative for Magnolia Health. Basically it’s “what to expect while expecting,” she said.
Martin will be assisting Magnolia Health’s primary presenter for this program, Jasmine Richardson, RN. 

It's so important for dads to be involved in their children's lives.  According to the Centene Corporation (www.centene.com), children are more likely to live in poverty and abuse drugs, be abused and neglected and develop emotional or behavioral problems when the father is not present in the child’s life.

What an important program new dads and moms too simply cannot miss! No registration required!

We'll see you there!

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