Tuesday, October 23

Importance of Reading

You can't be on the CMRLS website without reading about our new Acorn Card. It's a card to encourage children and vulnerable adults to do more reading.

This is just a quick note about the importance of not just your child reading, but about the importance of you as a parent reading aloud to your child. My daughter has just finished getting her master's degree as a Reading Specialist. She teaches middle school age youth who have trouble with their reading skills. One thing she has shared with me is how important it is to read aloud to your children. This can be for youth of all ages, especially those who have trouble with reading. They frequently can sound out the words but because of the time it takes, it's hard for them to understand what they have read.

Plus, this time can create special memories. I grew up on a small farm in Kansas with 6 of us kids. There was always something that needed done and my mom stayed very busy. I have one special memory of that time about reading. One winter my mom found a series of books at a library that she read to all of us as we gathered around the heating stove. It was the story about three teenagers called the three Jolly J's. (I have never been able to find these books.) I would probably been a young elementary student at the time (many years ago), but I remember how we couldn't wait until the next time Mom had time to sit down and read some more to us. I don't know if that is when my love of reading started, but it is still my favorite way to entertain myself.

So, take advantage of your library card, find something your child is interested in and make time to read to them. They will benefit as will you.

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