Thursday, December 27

Magee: What a year it has been!

Well, 2018, has come and is just about gone. We have had over 44,700 people come through our doors, for all different reasons; checking out or checking in, copying, faxes, scanning, computers, studying or even just waiting on Mom or Dad to pick them up.

Our hottest ticket this year was our Printeron services. It is so easy to use. You can submit your print job through our Printeron app on your smart device or submit through our homepage. Any patron can choose Brandon, Pearl, Flowood, Forest, or here at Magee to pick up their copies.

Our top check outs at the Magee Library were:
  1. Wonder (DVD)
  2. The Dark Tower (DVD) 
  3. Coco (DVD) 
  4. Kong : Skull Island (DVD) 
  5. The Emoji Movie (DVD)

No books made the top 5! Can you believe that?

The Books & Lunch Club's top book was entitled, The Great Alone by Kristen Hannah. The book is set in 1970’s Alaskan Frontier. It is a coming of age for thirteen-year-old Leni and her mother, Cora, to finally learn to stand up and be strong.

Our top Summer Library Program this year was a tie between Inky the Clown and the all-time favorite, the Snakeman! You can look back at the pictures from Facebook here.

Our favorite family program was Mitch Warner with his steel drums. Loved how he gave the children and teens a chance to learn how to play the drums.

Tea & Coloring has been a surprise hit. When we have it, we usually have around twenty to twenty-five people here. This coming year, we will offer it at least once a month. We started out using mostly colored pencils and just a few Sharpie markers, now we use mostly Sharpie markers. I love going in and coloring and listening to all the conversations between people.

It has been a wonderful year, full of joy, thanks to all that come through our doors at the Magee Library. We hope this coming year will be even more joyful! 

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