Monday, December 10

Quit rushing around; stop and get lost in a fairy tale.

This month our book club is reading Harry’s Trees by Jon Cohen and what a great story to get lost in during the rush, rush of the season. I don’t know any other way to describe the book but as a fairy tale for adults. 

Take one man that loses his beloved wife in a freak accident (for which he blames himself), add a little girl that loses her dad unexpectedly and thinks he’s come back as a forest creature. Stir in a fortune the man receives for the accident that cost him his wife and an odd brother named Wolf that is intent upon taking the money for himself. Fold in a librarian’s story about a grum and his gold. Add in a grieving wife trying to move on, a forest, a cast of unique characters from a small town, a treehouse in the forest, a falling-down library, and $4 million in gold. Beat together a man and a little girl on an adventure that helps them reconcile their great loss, and you truly have the makings of a fairy tale.

All in the book club have wonderful things to say about this book. Charming! Enchanting! A true modern-day fairy tale! I have personally read this book twice and enjoyed it as much the second time as the first. Take our advice and read this delightful title. If you’re truly too busy now, it would be a great pastime for those cold January days.

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