Thursday, January 10

LAKE: Stuffed Animal Sleepover

We had so much fun at story time this month.  Everyone brought a stuffed animal for the stuffed animal sleepover.  After some stories, songs and making a jet pack for our furry friends, we had chocolate milk and put them down for a nap.  I thought, "Whew!  Done with that!  Time to get some more work done."  I had forgotten how much work stuffed animals can be.  I went to shelve some books and when I came back some of them were playing with the copy machine while the others were playing with the train. If you want to see all the things the stuffed animals got into at the library, go and visit our Facebook page and search for the hashtag #cmrlslake.

I finally got them all rounded back up from all their adventures and mischief and they agreed that if I read them a story, they would go back to sleep.  So we read a book together and then they all laid down in my office under a nice soft blanket and that's where I found them the next morning when it was time for their owners to pick them up.  I think they had fun at the library.  I hope they visit again soon, but I must admit that I'll have to think twice before I let them stay the night at the library again. Babysitting stuffed animals is a big responsibility.

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