Tuesday, May 7

Book Clubs...A Great Opportunity to Connect

When I was a little girl, I remember living in a neighborhood where we knew a lot of the families. My sisters and I played with the neighborhood children, and my mother was friends with the mothers of those children. About once a week, all the mothers would get together for coffee and conversation. I was not privy to most of those conversations but I feel certain they revolved around the ups and downs of marriage and motherhood. In the rush, rush of life today in this digital age in which we live, we often don’t take the time or find the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful pastime. If you are interested in adding this activity to your schedule, might I suggest joining a book club.

We started an adult book club at the Pelahatchie branch over five years ago. In that time, we have read and discussed over 60 books in many genres, but the most important thing that has happened for this group is they have connected personally with each other. During a typical meeting, the ladies will discuss the book they have read but also chat about the highs and lows of caring for an ill husband, the frustrations of growing older, the differences in their grandchildren’s generation and theirs, and, yes, occasionally politics. At one time or another, each of the ladies has spoken to me about their connection with this group and how important the time spent together is to them. Outside of the library, these ladies rarely see each other, but when they are here, they know they are among friends.

So if you’re looking to connect on a closer level, consider attending one of the book clubs in our system and check it out for yourself. The dynamics of groups are different so you might consider trying more than one until you find the right place for yourself. Click on the link to locate the book club meetings available in May. I counted 16 within our library system.

In the Keyword field, type in Book Club and click on Search to illuminate all book club meetings available in May.

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