Thursday, June 20

Having a Blast at Harrisville

We are having a blast with our summer programs at Harrisville Library this summer. Our first program we hosted was Freedom Ranch with their Birds of Prey. The kids enjoyed hearing the stories about all the birds. We even got to watch one of the bird eat his lunch, and yes it was a mouse. We even got to see Walter the Snake and Beauty the Rat. Everyone had their picture made with Clarissa the Turkey Vulture.

Our second program of the summer was a DIY Craft day. We made some really cool space crafts, Rocket Straws, Comets and Moon Sand. The kids had a contest to see who could launch their rockets the highest. The moon sand was a blast, the kids all got to help mix the moon sand. 

Our third program of the summer was Exploring Space with Reed Freeman. Mr. Freeman is a teacher from Co-Lin Community College in Wesson. He shared some cool and interesting facts about our solar system. The kids loved seeing how air pressure can crush a can. As the kids said, IT WAS COOL!

The fun is just beginning. Our programs are held every Tuesday @ 3pm here at the Harrisville Library. Here are the upcoming programs for Harrisville.
  • Tuesday, June  25th @ 3pm Blast off with Healthy Habits.  Join Mrs. Tammy with the MS Extension Services for some tips on staying healthy all summer long. Following the program we will get to make a yummy snack.
  • Tuesday, July 2nd @ 3pm CMRLS Puppets.  The Puppets have been having a blast this summer and they are back to see you. They want you to join them for their out-of-this-world program.
  • Tuesday, July 9th @ 3pm Hattiesburg Zoo.  Our favorite zoo friends are back to see you. Come see what amazing animals they have brought to share with you. 
  • Saturday, July 20th @ 10am Movies in the Morning.  Join us for our presentation of the 2018 Warner Bros. production of, Ready Player One. This movie is rated PG-13 and runs for 140 minutes. *PG-13 rating is for sci-fi violence, bloody images, partial nudity and language.
We hope that you will join us this summer for all the fun.

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